West Chapel Residence, Black Mountain NC

posted June 6th, 2016

After breaking ground in late December, 2014, the home on West Chapel Road in Black Mountain is finally complete.  From the initial meeting with the homeowners to certificate of occupancy, the entire process took roughly 2 years.  It has been an incredibly gratifying project, made all the more enjoyable by gracious and adventuresome homeowners and the skilled team at WNC Design Build, with Marc Propst at the helm.

We have recently photographed the interior of the home with David Dietrich, and will have those images in the coming weeks. We have scheduled another session to capture the exterior of the home in early July.  In the meantime, please enjoy these scouting images taken the day of the shoot.

Credit to artists Randy Shull, Colby Caldwell and Alicia Armstrong, and Village Antiques for your significant contributions to the interior furnishings.

Brickstack Architects_wchapel_4

Brickstack Architects_wchapel_3

Brickstack Architects_wchapel_7

Brickstack Architects_wchapel_8

Brickstack Architects_wchapel_2

Brickstack Architects_wchapel_10

Brickstack Architects_wchapel_11

Brickstack Architects_wchapel_12

Brickstack Architects_wchapel_1