Town Mountain Residence, Asheville NC

posted February 3rd, 2014

Town Mountain Road in Asheville is a desirable place to live, as it affords west facing property owners beautiful views of downtown Asheville and long range views of the Smoky and Blue Ridge mountains.  This house built in the 60’s is no exception.  However the years have not been kind to this modest residence.  The owners desired to keep much of the house intact, but enhance the architectural character and maximize their views and overall livability.

The major architectural moves were to eliminate the dated (and highly unfortunate) entry tower, remove the dated hip roof and asphalt shingles, create separation of the roof elements, and create greater interior volume by lifting the entire roof.  The existing ceiling height on the main level of the home was 8′-0″, while all of the window heads were a modest 6′-8″.  Once the renovation is completed, the interior volume will expand to 16′-0″ at its highest, with all window heads at 9′-0″.  Exposed timber work, both interior and exterior,  a 20′ wide x 9′ tall Nana Wall, all new kitchen/dining/living, and a new interior stair describe much of the other interventions.

Completion is schedule for Spring 2014

Brickstack Architects_town mountain_panaroma_before Brickstack Architects_town mountain_interior_before Brickstack Architects_town mountain_exterior2_before Brickstack Architects_town mountain_exterior_before