Chestnut Hill Residence, Asheville NC

posted June 17th, 2014

This fun, little project is one that architects rarely have the opportunity to work on.  The existing house was an historic log cabin disassembled in its former location and moved here by a prior owner.  The current homeowner purchased the modest cabin, and inherited the strict covenants and heavily wooded lot that accompanied it.  The covenants stated that the timber structure and walls remain intact and untouched.  With this, we surrounded the cabin in a simple wrapper that houses the homeowner’s (an artist) thriving fabric-art studio and workshop.  Sunlit and spartan, the interior is a blank canvas in which the artist painstakingly crafts her work, while the vibrant exterior color matches the homeowner’s energetic persona.
Brickstack Architects_ChestnutHills_ext1
Brickstack Architects_ChestnutHills_ext2

Brickstack Architects_ChestnutHills_int1
Brickstack Architects_ChestnutHills_int2Brickstack Architects_ChestnutHills_before