Cherokee Residence, Asheville NC

posted February 21st, 2014

A classic example of pseudo mountain architecture meets 80’s modernism.  The mish mash of styles yields exactly what you might expect: a mixed bag that fails to honor either tradition.
The homeowner asked Brickstack Architects to work within the confines of the existing structure, but maximize its connection to the surrounding wooded landscape and smooth out the dated, overt contemporary themes.  A tall order, but an exciting one.
The major architectural moves were to completely demolish the kitchen/living/dining space, add all new windows, oversized lift/slide doors and an array of 10 clerestory windows, new wood flooring and cabinetry throughout, new cypress wall paneling, expansive exterior Ipe decks with steel guardrails.
See follow up posts for progress.  Construction to finish Spring 2014
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