Biltmore Residence, Asheville NC

posted February 1st, 2014

Like most houses built almost a 100 years ago, this one has seen its share of renovations.  Most of them bad.  Brickstack Architects removed 4 different layers of flooring (3 layers of linoleum, and one layer of 12×12 ceramic tile) to uncover and restore the 1″ wide oak flooring hidden beneath.  Also removed were several non load bearing interior walls, uncovering the brick chimney, and much needed interior space.  Mismatched exterior windows (some vinyl, some original wood) and doors in both the kitchen and dining room were removed.  The exterior stucco and wood deck were repaired.  A follow-up post will reveal the dramatic finished product.Brickstack Architects_biltmore_interior3 Brickstack Architects_biltmore_interior2 Brickstack Architects_Biltmore_interior1 Brickstack Architects_Biltmore_exterior1