Biltmore Residence, Asheville NC

posted February 1st, 2014

After careful and thoughtful restoration of some key elements of this 1920’s house, the finished kitchen both respects the charm and craft of its historic past while being a centerpiece for a contemporary lifestyle. ¬†Custom cabinetry and appliances, updated lighting, new windows and doors, and custom steel fabrications round out the list of improvements. ¬†On the exterior of the house, all original windows were stripped of their paint and clunky, triple-track storm windows, the exterior stucco was completely removed of it’s paint, restored and repainted with an updated color scheme.

img3 Brickstack Architects_Biltmore_final 2 Brickstack Architects_Biltmore_final 3 Brickstack Architects_Biltmore_final 4Brickstack Architects_Biltmore_final 4Brickstack Architects_Biltmore_exterior after1